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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stoop Sale, in the East Village

Sidewalk Sale, East Village Photo by myself, somewhere in the East Village.

Sidewalk sales of used stuff is commonplace in the East Village.

What looked like a historic black and white photo showing New York hung in the background.

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Matcia said...

Where I live garage sales are common as are yard sales. Once I had some things on my porch waiting for a charity to pick them up and when I got home I found a few notes asking how much were certain items - that was too funny.

I love to see how cities handle common things differently, thanks for the insite Kitty.

Ruth Hope said...

Here in London this would never happen - there is a man selling bicycles which he has found and repaired, but that's more of a permanent shop. Church jumble sales have died a slow death, perhaps ebay put the final nail in that coffin. We do have car boot sales though, where people sell out of the boot of their car. I love this picture. You should be publishing a collection of these stories in a book.

Kitty said...

Hi Marcia,
ha, that is funny about your own surprise sale. I would have been tickled!

Thanks and welcome, Ruth Hope!
I wish I had more time, energy and brain cells to devote to this blog.

That's too bad about London...on the other hand, having a mess of random stuff on the sidewalk is visual clutter. You're lucky to live in London, it's one of my favorite cities.