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Monday, July 19, 2010

Selling Stuff Streetside, in the East Village

Stoop Sale, East Village
Photo by myself, in the East Village.

It's fairly common for people to sell their unwanted stuff on the sidewalks. These are called 'stoop sales', where a 'stoop' is the short run of steps to the first floor. You can find everything, both tasteful and tasteless, right on the street.

I enjoy browsing through stoop sales because it's akin to walking through someone's home. Usually I don't find anything I like. It's more like 'This grimy overstuffed chair was in your Living Room?! And you sat in it while wearing this embroidered vest and playing the accordian?!'

Negotiations expected. Cash only.

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Bibi said...

It would take me a loooong time to walk down this street. I love all kinds of street sales, flea markets, etc.

Joanne said...

great picture, great light... i love these markets!

Dasha said...

I really miss New York.
Great pics Kitty, congratulations.

B SQUARED said...

It's amazing what people will buy at these events.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

I love your take on the stuff at most of these sales, Kitty. Long ago I helped a coworker and his girlfriend move. Much of the stuff they were moving, I would have been ashamed to even be throwing away. I would have wanted to carry it to someone else's dumpster just so it wouldn't be identified as having been mine.

Lily Hydrangea said...

it's always fun to look isn't it?
I love the light in this photo.