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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Outside 731 Lex, on the Upper East Side

731 Lex, NYC
Photo by myself at 58th Street and Lexington Avenue, on the Upper East Side.

The tilted glass facade of Cesar Pelli's building at 731 Lexington Ave, above, surrounds an outdoor atrium for cars and people. The Bloomberg offices are located here, as are some fancy stores and restaurants, and over 100 luxury condominium apartments.

This is a great shopping area, just a couple blocks away from Bloomingdales and other clothing stores. I was here the other day at the A&D Building across the street, which houses tons of showrooms for designer appliances and furniture.

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s.c said...

No shortage of great architectural gestures on your side of the ocean. It looks good but need space.

biebkriebels said...

I saw recently a rather simular building in Copenhagen, architects seem to look at each other...

RedPat said...

I like it, Kitty!