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Sunday, October 18, 2015

In Honor of Tiger, in Brooklyn

Memorial, Brooklyn
A memorial for Tiger, on Sixth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

On a walk yesterday, I encountered a sweet memorial for a well-loved neighborhood cat named Tiger.

Dozens of drawings, photos and notes were left in his honor. Tiger had house outside, and so had formed quite a fan club. He will be missed!

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s.c said...

A nice memory of a beloved member of a household. The way doing it on a fence is a typical U.S. find I think. Never seen it here and we also have a lot of beloved animals I can assure you.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

That is soooo sweet Kitty! I've much to catch up on in blogland - been missing for 5 months! That'll teach me! Wow, you've been to Parid and beyond... gorgeous photos Kitty. Oooh that bakery! And how's Rupert? I've catch up on more of your posts as time permits. Will be getting chilly in your part of the world before too long Kitty. x