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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Serious Sweets, in Paris

Patisserie, Paris
Photo by myself, in Paris.

Two gentlemen ordered their pastries the other day in a little shop that sold treats covered in honey. I'm not sure which neighborhood this was, probably near Montparnasse, where we were walking around from beautiful boutique to beautiful boutique.

I must say, the bread places and patisseries that are open to the streets are pretty incredible. You can just smell freshly baked STUFF with butter. I'm very lucky not to have much of a sweet tooth, but even without one, I have been tempted by all the gorgeous cakes and things. The French take these pleasures very seriously, along with their coffees and wine.

Our typical day has gone like this: coffee and light breakfast while sitting outside, then a walk around, then a simple lunch, say a toasted sandwich with salad, with more coffee, then more walking around. Then perhaps a breather with a macaroon and coffee, then a careful yet deliberate search for the perfect dinner place, followed by desert somewhere else, such as perhaps a crepe made on the street. Yippee!!!!

Patisserie, Paris
The sweets on show at Thevenin, in the 6th Arr., near the Luxembourg Gardens. We sampled some really delicious macaroons.

Patisserie, Paris

Patisserie, Paris

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biebkriebels said...

That looks very good, love to see all the pastries but wouldn't take them all. The diners and lunches are fabulous in France.

RedPat said...

It is the almond croissants that I love best!