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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Up and Down Rue Moffetard, in Paris

Rue Moffetard, Paris
Photo by myself on or about Rue Moffetard, in Paris.

The area on and around Rue Moffetard in Paris, is known for tons of eateries, bars and the occasional clothing store. The street is packed every night with students, visitors and locals, looking for dinner.

Unfortunately my photos from Paris are very limited this year; I was too preoccupied with looking around, and then there was an terrible accident with my camera and a bottle of water. Ugh.

My camera is pretty beaten up, so maybe this was good timing. The photo below was taken on my phone.

Rue Moffetard, Paris

Outside a restaurant serving Spanish food, a giant pan of paella was being cooked up. The dish is served only on Wednesdays.

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biebkriebels said...

Those are huge prawns in the Paella! Sorry for your camera but long live the smartphone.

Kitty said...

Thanks Bieb!
Here here for the phone!