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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday Portraits - Ruvym's Rant

I starting to feel run down yesterday, like my head was wrapped up in a blanket. My shoulders hurt. This morning I woke next to Mark with a full-blown, snotty cold. Yeesh.

I have loads to do but I've happily decided to take a sick day. I more than deserve it. Mark is between projects, so he and I will stay in and nest. How perfect?

I was browsing desperately on NYC Bloggers, looking for a New York site to share. NYC Bloggers is a nifty site that lists blogs by NYC neighborhood and subway station. The only trouble is that a good 50% of the sites are either terribly outdated or non-existant. It is really a crap shoot.

After several frustrated attempts, I stumbled upon Ruvym's Rant, a blog by a fellow who describes himself thusly:

'Out of law school, but desperate to write movies. Still, before that happens, there's the potential I might lose my soul in corporate America.'

What I find via Ruvym's website is that he is a thoughtful guy who happens to live in New York and writes thoughtful posts. Posts about his romantic life, about his childhood, about being a single guy, about about Starbucks.

Ruvym's been writing since 2004 (wow). I'm tuned into this hopes and dreams already, after a short read. It's like the Truman Show, I've become addicted. I want to know if he moves to Brooklyn, how his creative work pans out, when he meets his girl. I hope he continues to write.

Here are a couple posts that I liked, one about a night out and here's one on how Manhattan is changing. Enjoy.

Wednesday Portraits is an ongoing, semi-regular installment featuring other New York blogs.

Photo by myself, in Soho.