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Friday, May 30, 2008

It's in the Stars

Big Nick's Burger Joint
Photo by myself of Big Nick's Burger Joint on the Upper West Side, on Broadway and 76th Street. As the signs say, you can get ostrich and bison burgers at Big Nick's.

People are dining in full force on the street now with the nice weather. You wouldn't think that eating on the sidewalk with car and pedestrian traffic ambling by would be so great, but New Yorkers look forward to it all winter.

You contend with bright sunshine, or winds, or a passing drizzle, or pan handlers, or noise, or smokers. But there's something about eating on the sidewalk that feels glamorous and privileged. Even if you're just having a burger.


Lately the planet Mercury has been 'retrograde'.

You hear the term mentioned sometimes. People offer it up as an explanation for machines, communication and plans going haywire. (Mercury is the planet representing communication, and 'retrograde' means that the planet temporarily looks like it's moving backwards in its trajectory, from planet Earth).

I know there are probably loads of disbelievers out there. I've had an interest in astrology for a while, if only because there have been too many coincidences for me to deny.

So recently Mercury has been retrograde since May 26th. What's happened?

Well poor Mark, who trades moderately on ebay, has had a few things happen since the evening of May 25:

1. His Paypal account directed one of his packages to an address 4 years out of date.
2. He mailed a package to an incorrect address Paypal had given him.
3. Another package he mailed was damaged by the postal service.
4. Yet another ebay transaction did not do well. The recipient misunderstood the ad and left Mark his first negative feedback in over 4 years.
5. He got a parking ticket, even though it was announced on television that parking rules were suspended this week in Park Slope.
6. One of the mirrors belonging to his grandfather fell off the wall.
7. In opening the closet, he broke some of my teacups.

Mercury does not go direct until June 19th. I've told Mark to drive more carefully in the meantime.

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Patrizia said...

It makes me hungry too!!! Your last pictures are all about food and eating ... interesting, but I must stay on diet!!!

Kitty said...

lol, Patrizia. I am the same. I should be on a diet. Maybe that accounts for the photos?

Abraham Lincoln said...

I have tasted bison burgers and liked the one I ate but I would have misgivings about eating the bird.

Tammy said...

You're allowed to smoke outside in public places New York? You're not allowed to smoke anywhere here.

The D in D & T said...

It's the same here too, looking forward to eating outside all winter and then basking in the sun while you suck in car exhaust ;)

The mercury retrograde thing explains a lot thats been going on over here. I hope Mark's luck improves :)

Susu said...

Your pic really does justice to the atmosphere. You just imagine yourself mixing into the happy bunch. Eating out is a true pleasure after a long winter;)

Spandrel Studios said...

Yikes, with Mercury going retrograde, no wonder I've felt so out of sorts - forgot all about that. Sorry to hear Mark's been having such troubles!

I like the photo, especially the couple on the right - they look like they're soaking up the easy summer sidewalk vibe.

babooshka said...

It's the same in the UK, not a winter thing, but in mainland europe or year round. You can't beat it on nice day.

Kitty said...

lol Mr Lincoln
I haven't tried either. I assume they are 'good' for you, as in lean.

Hi Tammy
well, you're allowed to smoke on the sidewalk. In public open restaurants, I'm not sure.

Hi D
thanks, Mark is lying low, lol
I dunno what it is about the sidewalk thing but I love it. It's addictive!

Hi Susu
Thanks! These folks were definitely enjoying themselves.

Hi Spandrel
The couple looks totally immersed in each other, no? I was not sneaky with my camera at all, and no one seemed to mind.

Hi Babooska
It seems to me like a way for us to be a tiny bit European?

roentarre said...

Very good photographs in deed. I love the glimpse of the new york street

marlow said...

nice composition of everything, i like the colors and the light of this shot

Kitty said...

Thanks James!
I love how there's a lot going on, too.

Thanks Marlow. Not sure whether you've visited before but if it's your first time, welcome!

Dana said...

really inviting photo! Makes me want to pull up a chair and join them :)

Kitty said...

Thanks Dana!