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Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Fish, Cats and Dogs

Choosing FIsh
Another snapshot from the fish market in Brooklyn, Chinatown.


The last couple weeks I've been digging into the photo stash. Our new puppy has been a handful.

Rupert, who is three months old, has been great. He's learned to sit on command, and has adjusted well. The cat and he have slept near each other, without any injuries.

The only thing is, we wake up around 5 am to take him out to pee. The cat has also been very needy, meowing late into the night. The result? Mark and I are very, very, very tired.

So we took the Friday off to relax. I slept in a little. Then we drove into Sunset Park for lunch, where I snapped a couple photos. The weekend has been pretty low key.

Hats off to all parents of human and animal children out there, who manage to care for their little ones, get spotty sleep and somehow function. I honestly don't know how you do it without going nuts.

Rupert in black and white

On the Sofa, Together
Above, Rupert at home after an afternoon of exercise, and then on the sofa with his compadre.

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Abraham Lincoln said...

A fish market in bushel baskets. Never saw anything like this before.

My Halloween memories

Islipian said...

Little Rupert is JUST so photogenic! I've been showing his pictures to a co-worker who adores Boston Terriers and she wants him as her desktop background!

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" et Mme la Vache (who is Chinese) haven't seen fish in bushel baskets in Oakland or San Francisco Chinatowns, both of which abound with fish markets. Great capture!

Fredrik said...

Cat and dog in the same sofa. Impressive! No signs of guarding the territory?

DeliaVSora said...

Sooooooooo adorable! I feel for ya, we adopted a little yorkie last year and it was a handful retraining and adult dog, but it was worth it! We almost named him Rupert too!

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh he's so tiny. Rupert I mean.

I don't envy you the broken nights though. It is so hard to be a nice human being when you have disrupted sleep, isn't it? I remember it well.

I had thought of getting a cat when I get back from Oz but am now wondering about a dog. Look what you've done!!!

Paz said...

I was talking to my friend this Sunday afternoon and she was preparing salmon that she'd bought from the Brooklyn fish market. She'd bought a lot of fish.

I was never a morning person till we got our dogs. I've been taking them out around 5a.m. for the past couple of years. Sleeping late? What's that? LOL! ;-)

Rupert is a cutie pie.


Iris said...

What an adorable pupppy - definitely made me smile. And, while we do have a fish market in Guntersville, AL - it's NOTHING like the one in your picture.

Kris said...

A couple of fish heads would go down very nicely for dinner!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I eat a lot of fish so I would really appreciate a place like this one!
Rupert is so cute. Oh my Gosh!
I thought I would lose it when Priscilla was a puppy, but now I am used to it. I am no longer the night person I used to be!
For me the hardest part about parenting whether it be a child or a puppy (Sylvia gets a little needy, but is a breeze in every other area) is that they are so cute-which makes it hard to say no & then they wind up running the house!

tr3nta said...

WOW.. Is the perfect word for your to last fish market shots... the last one as a very good style love it...