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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Night View, the Village

Around 12th Street, NYC
Photo by myself in the village, around 12th Street and Broadway.

This photo was taken a while ago, when it was colder. For some reason I like it, perhaps because it shows the gritty side of the old New York City.

Yes, I am nuts. I have a strange nostalgia for those days when New York was much more dangerous, gritty and 'authentic'.

In comparison, the city is very safe now. You can park shiny SUVs on the street without worrying if it will be intact in the morning!


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Fredrik said...

Love the atmosphere and the light. Have a nice sunday!

Velvet Eden said...

Hello Kitty! Is this somewhere in Greenwich Village?

THis photo is something that I don't normally see in your collection of photos - no people directly in view of the camera's lens. A refreshing change!

It's an interesting composition too. Your blog and photos never fail to amaze me!

Have a good weekend, whatever's left of it!

ipv6 said...


Islipian said...

"I have a strange nostalgia for those days when New York was much more dangerous, gritty and 'authentic'."

Not nuts. I feel your nostalgia. And I don't even live there! I don't *want* everything everywhere to be shiny new clean nicey-nice. I LIKE some grit, I LIKE there to be unearthed treasures and even a bit of danger. Sigh.

Where is the grit now??


Frank de Jol said...

Excellent night shot !

Kris said...

You need to get out there and start mugging people then!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I don't miss the crime, but it is sad to me that everything is so "incorporated" and there are very few old places that have been around for ages anymore. I miss those old places.

Mike said...

I never seen that area. I like the atmosphere though.