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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hope for Better Times, in the East Village

Better things, East Village
Photo by myself, somewhere in the East Village.

The above sign was done by James De La Vega, a New York street artist, who has left quotes all over the city for the last 10 years. He lives in East Harlem but works in the East Village.


Buenos dias from Puerto Rico!! Mark and I are staying in San Juan, near the water and casinos. It is beautiful and sunny here, with palm trees and the sparkling ocean. I hope to post some photos tomorrow.

It’s my first gambling with real money, and I’m down a whopping $100. Throwing away my hard-earned cash is no fun, so I’m not sure there’s any more blackjack for me in the future.

What is fun is watching Mark, an experienced gambler. He won some, then lost some, then won some more, playing blackjack and craps. He’s up $75 after a couple hours. The scene of dice rolling, card throwing and crowds is dizzying.

Cameras aren’t allowed in the casinos, but I hope to post some photos of San Juan in the next couple of days. We are so lucky to live in the 21st century, where you can go from chilly New York to palm trees in a matter of hours.

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Olivier said...

belle composition et beau coup d'oeil

dianasfaria.com said...

oooh! good for you Kitty! Have a great time.
nice photo too.

elsie said...

i feel you pain about being down $100 as "vices" go I prefer shopping to gambling!!

Maricarmen said...

Don't miss the Old San Juan, but please go to the "non-commercial" part of this citadel. Explore this historic district with beautiful architecture and don't stay on the cruise ship port area... and don't be afraid to ask anything to the locals. We are friendly people.

Go to any panaderia for breakfast and to the Pi├▒ones area. I know you are going to have a great time!


P.S.-- Is this is your first time in Puerto Rico?

Street Art Christchurch said...

Hey, thanks for introducing me to James De La Vega!
Have a great holiday.

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!

Thanks Lily. So far, so good. ;-)

Hi Elsiee
ha, I'm with you. I'd rather shop anyday.

Hi Maricarmen
Thanks so much for posting. I wish I'd seen this yesterday.

We were overwhelmed by the touristy nature of the Old Town, and it was much too hot to venture away from the center of town. I wish we had.

Mark has been to PR several times, but it's my first trip. The local people are friendly and down-to-earth. The casinos I can do without!

Welcome Streetart
You'd love it in the East Village. So much of NYC is spruced up now, however the EV still has some of its old grit. Brooklyn is great, too.