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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On Fashion Sense and the West Village

West Village, NYC
Photo by myself, somewhere (lost) in the West Village.

One of many tidy townhouses in the West Village. This one probably had lights alongside the doorway which were removed, and the areas patched. Hence the red dots on the wall.

I liked how the fellow walking by matched the building.


The other day, Blogging in PA asked why I thought this photo depicted non-New Yorkers.

Well, the photo was taken on a weekday afternoon at 50th St. and Fifth Avenue, which is a very touristy area. Logic would say that there's a slim chance these two are New Yorkers.

But it was more than just that. The couple looked just a little bit too well-dressed and well-coiffed. Not to say that all New Yorkers are slobs, but we tend to have a more 'thrown-together' look of relaxed fashion.

For a very different look at New Yorkers and their fashion sense, check out this article in New York Magazine. Five New Yorkers are shown who each only wear one color, every single day.

Psst! We are not all crazy!

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Luis Gomez said...

Great picture!

Olivier said...

belle street-photographie

Lily Hydrangea said...

I loved that article, thanks for the link.
The brown outfit guy didn't look as monochromatic as the others though.
I think I liked the green lady the best.

Bibi said...

Last time in NYC with my NYC friend, we walked all over, including around this area. I would like to go inside...

elsiee said...

the article on the single color wearing new yorkers was GENIUS!! and yes you all ARE crazy, that's why I want to be YOU! :)

Louis la Vache said...

Nice brickwork on that building. Like you, «Louis» likes the way the walker matches the building.

Alexis said...

I really enjoyed your blog! This picture is great. It looks like his sneakers could be a part of the brick!