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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Texting, Schmexting

Texting, NYC
Photo by myself, somewhere in downtown.

Ah yes, the familiar sight of a young lad hunkered over, two thumbs attached to an electronic communication device. I'm digging his suede shoes and the fellow on a cell phone in the background.


Thanks for some recent comments about the black and white images posted here.

I prefer black and white, too. In New York, there is often so much going on in any one scene, from people to signage to cars. Black and white transforms chaos into something less insane.

Every photo can't be black and white, though. That would be like eating cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Too much of a good thing!

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Olivier said...

le b&w a l'avantage d'être intemporel, c'est pour ça que j'aime beaucoup les photos en b&w

Bibi said...

I'm a shoot-bw-most-of-the-time-when-in NYC person myself. Adds so much more character, not that the city needs it. I like this photo a lot, too. Texters are universal....

rb said...

I like black and white too - photos, pets, clothes . . .

When I break out into something else, like a red shirt today, everyone stares at me and comments.

I see so many people these days able to text and walk and cross roads and they never crash into things. The only times I try I collide with lamp posts!

Leif Hagen said...

A great texting photo - I rly lk it! grt bk & wt foto!
u r a grt phtgrphr, kitty!

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

And it's interesting how black and white turns this quintessentially contemporary moment into something that looks like a vintage photo from the '60s or even earlier.

Anonymous said...

It was until the age of 29, that I bought me a mobile phone, a great photography reflecting movement of time, makes me long for a good face to face conversation.
Please have a great Friday.

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Carla said...

Love a texting pic. Just found your blog and loving living in New York vicariously. Carla