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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Street Photography on Display, Below Ground

Arts for Transit exhibit, Atlantic/Pacific Station
Photo by myself at Atlantic/Pacific Station, in Brooklyn.

Not the greatest photo, I have to say, but I had to write about a current display of street photographs at the Atlantic/Pacific subway station, in Brooklyn.

Yet another part of the MTA Arts for Transit program, the photographs are by Travis Ruse, all taken during in and around the subway. The show, called 'Underground Exposure', includes images outside subway stations, inside subway cars and on the platform.

The images are blown up large and displayed on lightboxes on the wall. The colors are vivid to commuters passing by. How great is it to see street photography displayed like this in public? And of the subway no less, where all sorts of New Yorkers find themselves every day.

Read about and view images from the exhibit on the MTA Arts for Transit site, here.

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Olivier said...

sympa une exposition photo dans le metro

Bibi said...

I'm all for art in the underground. This photo is very good, natural, slice-of-life.

Canberra photography said...

This pic is very nice and beautiful.I love this kind of pics very much.

Anonymous said...

Out of all the imagery i saw in NYC, whilst temporarily living there, these ones were my favourite.
I came back home and it took me awhile to find the artist but was totally estatic when i found him!

So this post totally reminds me of everything NY yay!

Marcia said...

Kitty I love the art in NY subways. When I was taking pictures at the station on Christopher Street the guard must have thought, "Crazy tourist."

Susu Paris Chic said...

I was in the same system just less than a week ago. The air-conditioning is better than in Paris, noise louder.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

I love Travis Ruse's photos, Kitty! For more than a year, he took a daily photo of his commute on the subway. He had a website for it, in fact, but right now there's something wrong with it. I used to get some of my daily NYC fixes from his site--as I do with yours.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing us to share this glimpse of the life in your city.

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