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Monday, August 30, 2010

Highlights from Japan, Part One

Shibuya, Japan
Photo by myself in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Many eateries in this busy district are open to the street. The one above is a 'standing room only' sushi bar, where mostly young men in white shirts congregate after a long day of work.


It's hard to believe that our trip here in Japan is nearly over. Mark and I will be flying home starting Tuesday morning in Japan. Since we'll be crossing the date line, we'll be arriving in New York Tuesday morning, too.

The heat, the humidity, the crowds of people, the temples and shrines have made this an incredible trip. Japan is so photogenic! Finally, I thought New York was crowded, but Tokyo is the most crowded day in Herald Square to the 10th power.

Mark and I are very sad to leave. I'm posting some 'best of' photos from our trip. Part Two will follow tomorrow.

Fukuoka Buddha
A gigantic wooden Buddha occupies a room in a Fukuoka temple.

Fukuoka Temple
A gorgeous temple in Fukuoka. The sweeping roof is typical of this building type.

Fukuoka Temple
A close up of the roof tiles, each ornamented in detail.

Akihabara, Japan
One of the busy streets in Akihabara, Tokyo. Vertical signs describe the various businesses on each floor.

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Luis Gomez said...

Great pictures Kitty. Thanks for sharing all the info from your trip.

Kitty said...

Thanks Luis!

Ken Mac said...

a good laugh