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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday Morning, Below Brooklyn

The Morning Commute
Photo by myself, somewhere underground.

This photo illustrates the cliche that New Yorkers dress in black. Can we have a spot of color beyond navy and denim, please?

Riders are tote their laptops, thermoses and newspapers. There is no wifi on the subways, but that doesn't stop people from doing work or playing games.

I whipped out my camera when I saw the fellow ahead intently reading his paper, as opposed to his phone.

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Olivier said...

toute une vie dans le metro NYC, chacun dans son monde

Upper Cesc said...

People are already for a new day...

Beatrice B. said...

morning subway elegance...that's what I love about big cities!

kenju said...

I went to the Met Museum once in my black clothes, shiny purple raincoat and black fedora and the woman who took my donation said "Aren't you a member?" When I said no, I don't live here, she replied that I sure looked like a NY'er - I was dressed like one.

Laura Cousins said...

Reminds me very strongly of the London Underground, or "Tube". I don't miss traveling on THAT every morning, I gotta tell you ...

Ken Mac said...

one day I was depressed and suddenly realized that everyone on the street was in black, felt like a funeral!

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

You know, Kitty, fashion magazines are always touting (insert trendy color here) as the new black. Sorry, but black is black. Always was, always will be. It's funny, but the first thing I noticed in the photo wasn't the sea of black, but the fact that, except for a lone laptop, people were reading printed materials! As much as I love the Internet, it does my heart good to see print still so much in action--in your photo and in general.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I noticed right away that you have captured some red accessories here and I must say they do create a nice balance in your photograph.
but let's face it, NYC just wouldn't be the same if everyone started wearing bright colors.

Kitty said...

Thanks Everyone! I'm glad you liked this photo.

Hi Olivier
It's funny how New Yorkers dress, eh? I still think Europeans are the most stylish, Parisian women, especially.

Hi Cesc!

Thanks Beatrice!

Hi Kenju
How funny? Welcome to the club.

Hi Laura
Oh I miss London. I wouldn't mind putting up with the tube. My experiences were okay, but maybe because I missed rush hour. What a gorgeous city.

Ha Ken.
I know. It's terrible. We really need to liven it up a bit.

Hi Terry
I am so with you. I find the reading real books and papers funny in that we notice when it happens. It's only been a short time that these devices have existed, but we've been conditioned already.

Hi Lily
Ha. I know we haven't met, but I predict you don't have many black items. You seem too cheery for that!