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Sunday, April 17, 2011

On the Imagine Mosaic and Local CSAs

Imagine, Central Park
Photo by myself in Central Park.

A photo taken earlier this year at one of the most popular spots in Central Park.

The mosaic is just steps away from John Lennon's home at The Dakota.


Recently, Mark and I have been focused on eating more healthily. We are joining a local CSA to do just that.

CSA stands for 'Community Supported Agriculture'. Folks basically purchase shares of a local farmer's seasonal crop. You pick up your box of organic vegetables every week or every other week for about six months.

Every week you get a different assortment of veggies. The Park Slope CSA, which we're considering, serves up bok choy, parsnips and kohlrabi, among others. You receive about 8.5 lbs each week or two, depending on the membership.

There are many different CSA's serving the five boroughs of New York, for fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and even flowers (!). Farms are located upstate, and the produce is trucked in a couple times a week for pick up.

Farmers get money all at once to finance their crops. People get fresh produce that is grown locally. Everyone wins. Apparently the CSA model has existed in Europe and Japan. Only recently has it taken shape in the US.

For CSA's located in and around New York, click here.

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elsiee said...

what a great idea! I'll have to check to see if we have a similar program in my neck of the woods.

Lou said...

That CSA sounds like a fantastic idea. I wish they had something like that over here. I might search for it. :)

Ken Mac said...

wow, CSA sounds like a great idea. Once again, you have educated me!

Laura Cousins said...

We have what are called "Box schemes" here in the UK which sound similar to CSAs. They mainly deliver, and the produce the boxes contain could come from a number of different sources as part of a collective. They also deliver organic meat, which is stupendously expensive but utterly delicious.

Adam said...

The "Imagine" John Lennon landmark is so simple yet nice!

Anonymous said...

such a great idea, I wish we had something round here!