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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Morning in Prospect Park

Prospect Park, Morning
Photo by myself in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

In the mornings before 9 am, dogs are allowed to run off-leash in the larger parks throughout New York City.

The dogs run around, play, wrestle and socialize. The owners socialize, too. It's a good time to unwind from the week, and catch up with neighbors.

This morning was wet and very chilly, with a strong wind. The above photo was taken last weekend, when it was sunny and there was a quiet mist near the ground.

People were running and cycling on the main loop in Prospect Park. In the distance, dogs were sniffing about. I had to stop our dog Rupert in his tracks to take the photo. All Rupert wanted to do was to get across the road and play ball.

For an official list of dog parks and their off-leash policies in the five boroughs of New York City, click here.

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Ken Mac said...

the unparalleled promise of a weekend in NYC!

Anonymous said...

I know prospect park only from a Danny Kaye movie. Nice to see it here.
Have a nice weekend

RedPat said...

Dogs are so social - they love to meet up at the park with all their buddies. Love these shots.

Pierre said...

Today in PAris is sunny, and like in the photo u poropose to us, Parisians walk with child and dogs. FLower are growing in parks. People and animals too.

Tody i walk in mouffetard street, taking picture of peoples. Your style of photo inspired me.