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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Homage to Warhol, Union Square

The Andy Monument
Photo by myself at 17th Street and Broadway, at Union Square.

A statue of Andy Warhol was installed near Union Square at the end of May. It drew attention from passersby, Friday evening.

Cast in chrome by the artist Rob Pruitt, the statue was sponsored by the Public Art Fund. Warhol's art studio, 'The Factory', was located near Union Square in the 70's and 80's.

Flowers and Campbells soup cans have been left at Warhol's feet. The artist used to stand on the same street corner, handing out copies of Interview, the magazine he founded in 1969.

The statue will be on view until early October.

For an article about the statue in the Times, click here.
For a free app by the Public Art Fund describing the statue's history, click here.

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za-marzeniami said...

amazing! This monument looks like a block of ice. Attracts attention.

RedPat said...

Love it!

mauropucci said...

un doveroso omaggio a un grandissimo artista.

Pierre said...

I love the composition of your photo. The 3 meen make a triangle with the statue. The W and B is perfect to see all these détail wich are hidden in color.

Johnsaib said...

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