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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Enjoying the Sun, in Midtown

Pedicab, NYC
Photo by myself around 34th Street and Sixth Avenue, in Midtown.

We've having some beautiful days here with temperatures in the mid-70s and low humidity.

Friday afternoon, just about everyone was enjoying the outdoors. The pedicab drivers were sitting outside, ready to take fares. To date, I have only seen one female pedicab driver.

I'm not sure what the rates are for pedicabs. This is one way to get a personalized tour of New York without impacting the environment.

Though they don't have seat belts, pedicabs are equipped with speakers! You can see them installed, just below the seat.


Sorry for the late start today. Mark got in very, very late last night and we're just getting ourselves together.

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Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Great picture!

We are freezing here!