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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Serving it up at Naruto Ramen, in Park Slope

Naruto Ramen, Brooklyn
Photo by myself at Naruto Ramen, at Fifth Avenue and First Street, in Park Slope.

Ramen places are nowhere as popular as sushi restaurants, but they are their own genre. If you love noodles, you're in luck in New York.

Mark and I found a great ramen place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where we live. It feels very much like the ramen places we visited during our trip to Japan. And the food is wonderful.

All their ramen dishes contain many ingredients, including fish cake, bean sprouts, scallion, egg and roast pork. There is even a cold ramen dish for the summer months.

At Naruto Ramen, all the ingredients are precisely measured. The chef uses a timer when cooking the noodles. Mark and I enjoyed sitting at the counter, watching the guys prep the food in a blur.

Naruto Ramen, Brooklyn
The narrow restaurant allows just enough room for bar seating.

Naruto Ramen, Brooklyn
The geki kara ramen, which has a thick soup. Like all the Naruto ramen dishes, this one is chock full of ingredients.

For a list of other ramen places in Manhattan, click here.

Naruto Ramen doesn't have a website. For whatever reason, they've gotten mixed reviews online. You can check out their menu here.

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Olivier said...

bon appetit ;) j'aime beaucoup la premiere photo, l'ambiance et le peu de lumiere

The Rose Garden Restaurant said...

My staff already visited their place. And they told me that their foods really great and delicious. Especially their main course dishes. Hope this June i can visit their place and looking for an unforgettable food trip : )

- Anna

Leif Hagen said...

I think cool Kenji in your top photo has his hands full! I wouldn't want to be a restaurant cook!

WTakeuchi said...

I love ramen, udon and other noodles! I used to eat noodles everyday while I lived in Japan.

kousuke said...

"Naruto" is the name of a Japanese city, known by the great whirling current in the sea near this city, which is the trade mark of this noodle shop. I guess the shop master was born in Naruto.