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Friday, July 15, 2011

Say Cheese, in Times Square

Hello KittyPhoto by myself in Times Square, at 42nd Street and Broadway.

It's hard to believe sometimes that the above photo was taken in New York City rather than Disneyworld. Huge billboards and pedestrian-only blocks in this area cater to visitors.


In general, it looks and feels relatively safe in New York these days. It's easy to walk around as if there's no reason to be careful.

Crime goes on, though. In the last couple days, the city has been shattered by a shocking tragedy in Brooklyn. An 8-year old boy was recently found dead after he became lost, while trying to walk the few blocks home from camp.

The incident took place in what's considered a very safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. The alleged killer dismembered the body before being caught. Horrible. Many young kids navigate the city on their own.

For an article in the Times, click here.

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Olivier said...


TC said...

That's why my 5 years old son never gets out of my sight!!! Poor family...

biebkriebels said...

Yes so sad, it hit the news here too. Alas there will be always those bad people looking for a victim.

Banjo52 said...

I guess I'm stating the obvious, but I can't imagine a brain like that killer's. In addition to being evil, horrible, and so forth, it's just weird beyond belief. I wonder if scientists (neurologists?) who study such things for a living ever stop being amazed. After years and years, do they just see maps of aberrant brains and say, "That neighborhood in that brain is way off. We could have predicted that it would cause terrible trouble"?

Ken Mac said...

these days Times Square is the ultimate cheese

Ken Mac said...

back home Kitty! (U gotta go)

RedPat said...

Great to see all the people out having fun! Sick individuals are found everywhere I guess - you always have to be on guard but a little kid should be able to walk down the street alone.

Lily Hydrangea said...

the statistics for something so horrible happening are slim but there is always that small percentage that will be negatively affected & that is why we can't stress safety enough, especially when it comes to children.
My heart & prayers goes out to the family & friends in the Brooklyn community where this occurred.

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone. Sorry for bringing up such an awful crime. I'm surprised the news made it out to Amsterdam, where Bieb lives.

Hi Banjo,
I completely agree. Obviously the suspect is not normal, and it's scary to think that such people actually exist. I can't imagine what a typical day is for such creatures.

Welcome back, Ken!!! I look forward to seeing some of your photos from Copenhagen :-)

Thanks RedPat and Lily
Yes I cannot imagine what the family is going through. So sad.