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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Growing Up Among Graffiti, Downtown

Graffiti, Downtown
Photo by myself, somewhere downtown.

You might think of graffiti and roll-down doors when thinking of New York, but you might not think about children. There are kids who grow up in the city however, in every conceivable economic circumstance.

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Olivier said...

c'est la vie des enfants dans les grandes villes. Une vie vivante mais avec des accotes pas toujours tres sympas

liisamarja said...

i've often contemplated about growing up in the country versus growing up in the city. there are pros and cons on both, i think what matters more is how you're brought up, or are you left to do it on your own. teaching kids right from wrong shouldn't depend on the financial situation of the parent(s), but often does (rich or poor alike, city or country, as well). i was brought up in the country, maybe that explains my strange fascination of the big city, namely nyc...go figure.

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