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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Daily Grind, in Midtown

Sixth Ave, NYC
Photo by myself on Sixth Avenue, around 35th Street in Midtown.

A photo from a couple months ago, when it was a little warmer.

Whenever I meet someone who has worked in Midtown, as I did earlier this week, we commiserate: on how dirty it is, how crowded, how there's no real good places to eat.

But when I look back on these photos, I see how good we have it. There is tons to look at, and tons of different types of people. At night, the ambiance can be brilliant, with the bright storefronts and taxis whizzing by.

When it rains, legions of umbrellas appear and move like massive umbrella creatures toward the subway stations. They are mostly black umbrellas, of course, and the next day you'll find tattered ones, thrown aside on the sidewalk.

The streets will be a bit cleaner, but just for a moment. Life goes on.

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Olivier said...

photo typiquement nyc, avec l'appel du taxi dans le froid

Wayne said...

Plus, there's a Duane Reade on every corner. :-) One of the mysteries of the ages.

Ken Mac said...

one of your best commentaries, Kitty.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Kitty, one of the luxuries of living in New York is complaining about various neighborhoods. In New York magazine, I am constantly reading about the UES, the UWS or Midtown being restaurant deserts. They're of course all stuffed with good and even great restaurants, but they're not the restaurants of the minute. This is something that both irritates and charms me about New York.