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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Handshake, in the Village

the handshake
Photo by myself around West 4th Street and Sixth Avenue.

A photo from the stash.

I'm not sure what was going on here....two friends greeted each other with a handshake on the sidewalk.

Apologies for the missed post yesterday. It's been crazy busy here.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Andy said...

Undercover cops ;-) Regardless, it's a nice candid shot.

Gunn said...

Nice photo.Love the light in it too.

Family Portraits said...

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s.c said...

Great shot. Like it

Ribbonnibbler said...

It always nice to New Yorkers be cordial and gentile!

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting photo - is it a thank you shake from the fellow on the left? or a nice to meet you shake? or two friends saying hello shake? It's a lovely photo.

Francisca Mattéoli said...

Such an inspiring photo. Thank you for this very special moment.
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Banjo52 said...

Wish I knew why the smaller man seems to be looking down shyly, or at least humbly. It adds some drama.

Gosia said...

OMG! I also follow another photoblog of New York by James Maher. Here's his photo of the same guy http://www.jamesmaherphotography.com/photoblog_view_post/689-astor-place-newsman-jerry-delakas

Kitty said...

ha, Gosia, how funny? And he's wearing exactly the same outfit.
This must be his newsstand? I will have to check out the article that James cited in his post.

Thanks so much for making this connection!

Gosia said...

Yes, really a coincidence! it only means NY is small ;)