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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Night View near the Dakota

West 72nd Street, NYC
Photo by myself at 72nd Street and Central Park West.

Tuesday night was not so much cold as it was rainy. The damp weather sent people scampering for cover.

This was the view near the Dakota (at right), a landmark building on the Upper West Side. This building is known for being the home of many celebrities, including the late John Lennon, and having been the setting of the movie 'Rosemary's Baby'. The West 72nd Street subway station nestles up alongside the building facade.

As you can see, the sidewalks are suprisingly tidy. The sidewalks vary greatly, depending on where you are in the city.

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Olivier said...

le Dakota est un tres bel immeuble, avec beaucoup d'histoire (et un appartement doit couter vraiment tres tres cher). Une belle partie de central park

biebkriebels said...

I like the two old lantarns which give the photo a nice atmosphere.

s.c said...

Also nice is the entrance or exit of the metro here. Was it designed by the metro company or by the architect of the building.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier!
yes, the apartment here are very, very expensive. It would be so cool to live here, alongside the park, but alas, not for me.

Thanks Bieb
They are cool aren't they? I hope those lights stay forever.

I'm not sure who designed this, that's a very good question. If I had to guess, I would say the subway designed it because the building was there first. But they must have consulted the building, since the building is designated a historic landmark and the station uses the railing that is used elsewhere in the building.

The railing at the low wall of the subway entrance continues, wrapping along the side of the building. It is cast iron and looks like a man's face with a garland. The railing is set away from the building at times, creating a moat of sorts that allows light into basement rooms.

Lou said...

OMG those lamps, I LOVE those lamps. So beautiful.

RedPat said...

A landmark for sure!

Andrea said...

Hi Kitty!
Great photo!
I mentioned your blog in my blog, hope it's OK. :-)
Andrea x

K10 said...

Love this shot! One of my fave Subway stations in the city. Thanks, Kitty! :-)

Ken Mac said...

somehow glamourous

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Great shot, Kitty. I love that there's a food cart right outside the Dakota. And regarding the subway stop there, I just read that some block group in the 60s on 2nd Avenue on the UES is trying to keep a subway stop from being put on their block. They're afraid it will invite loitering or some such nonsense. If anything, I would think it would increase their property value: "close to transportation."