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Monday, June 11, 2012

Outside a Smoke Shop, in the Village

Wooden indian, the village Photo by myself, in the Village.

A colorful, carved wooden Indian stood outside a smoke shop, in the Village. You can see the smoking contraptions in the storefront, beyond.

When you work uptown like most New Yorkers, a walk around the Village is a breath of fresh air. As you can see, the afternoon sidewalk is empty of people. There are trees. And you can actually cross the street without looking for cabs, busses and speeding cyclists.

It seems like nothing bad could ever happen, in the Village.

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Olivier said...

les indiens sont dans la ville ;)

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Trees make any city street much better, that combined with less traffic makes it a far better place. I am lucky in that where I live there are lots on beautiful mature trees, now to do something about the traffic level.

Kitty said...

haha, Olivier!

Hi Paul,
Trees are an absolute luxury, especially mature ones. You are lucky!

Maybe create a few too many pot holes on your street?

-K- said...

I love the nice warm colors.

Cheri said...

Beautiful photo, I always love pictures of the Village. Would love to visit.