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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Statue of Liberty, on Madison Avenue

Statue of Liberty, nyc Photo by myself at Madison Avenue and 61st Street, on the Upper East Side.

You'd think one Statue of Liberty would be enough for this city, but no.

A mini-Statue of Liberty stands in front of an office building on the Upper East Side. This mini statue was cast from the original plaster model made before the big one. It is exactly 1/16th the size of the statue standing in the harbor.

This replica cost more than $1M US, and was installed last October. A developer named Leonard Stern brought her over from France.

Mark and I were lucky enough to catch part of 'Treasures of New York' on PBS, the other night. The show tells the story of Costas Kondylis, an architect who has built dozens of high rises in New York City.

Kondylis' work includes many of the Trump buildings and the towers near Riverside Drive. He is known as a 'developer's architect'.

The documentary is a fascinating look at Kondylis' success in New York. There are some wonderful aerial views of the city from a helicopter, too.

You can watch the entire one-hour show online! Just click here.

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Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Great photo, Kitty! At least this ersatz Statue of Liberty is accurately proportioned, unlike others I've seen out in front of souvenir shops. Thanks for the link to the documentary--I've bookmarked it to watch later.

Olivier said...

je ne la connaissais pas, et je la trouve tres belle (et tres chere)

Don Magee said...

I like your blog and humor....It is a must chech for a good image and a laugh.....

Ken Mac said...

I wondered where they kept that.

Luce Sibilla Balzarini said...

Can we use your image for a presentation?
Luce Sibilla Balzarini