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Monday, July 9, 2012

Outside Bleecker Bob's Records, in the Village

Bleecker Bob's, nyc Photo by myself on West 3rd and MacDougal Streets, in the Village.

Bleecker Bob's Records, a vinyl record store in operation since 1968, will be closing soon.

When I was in the neighborhood a couple weeks ago, the store was open, though the awning was in tatters and a 'For Rent' sign was displayed in front. Bins of old records stood patiently outside.

According to the Times, Jimmy Page, the lead-guitarist for Led Zepplin, and Frank Zappa were friends of the store's owner, and once worked the cash register.

Rumors were abound that yet another Starbucks would be moving in, but the a new tenant has not been found. As of this writing, the store is still open.

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Olivier said...

j’espère que ce magasin restera ouvert, il fait parti de l'histoire du village...et puis il commence a avoir trop de Starbuck and co, cela fait perdre leur identité a certains quartiers

Wayne said...

No one needs another buckies.

Marcia said...

Sad to see an established place like this closing. One of my favorite places in the W Village was Grey Dog on Carmine St. The owner went to the U of Mich and had Michigan sandwiches on the menu. As for Starbucks I think only Chase Banks outnumber Starbucks in NYC.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier,
I agree, some neighborhoods have Starbucks located practically across the street from each other. Fortunately though I think this store is looking to relocate, so I don't think they will close?

Hi Wayne,
Agreed!!! Completely!!

Hi Marcia,
Yes, Chase banks, and Duane Reades. There are too many of each. So sad!!

biebkriebels said...

That is so sad all those record shops have to close their doors.