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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Remembrance, at The World Trade Center Memorial

World Trade Center, nyc Photo by myself at the World Trade Center Memorial.

Names of all those who perished from the destruction of 9/11 adorn bronze panels at the World Trade Center Memorial, downtown. The names encircle the footprints of two reflecting pools, where the north and south towers once stood.

I visited the site yesterday, along with hundreds of other visitors, wandering around the memorial in the summer heat. Around us were the glass towers of the complex, still under construction.

Each name is cut into the metal, so that you can see through to a shallow pool of water, below. At night, light shines through the openings, which must be an incredible sight.

Overall, I was impressed by the simplicity of the memorial. All the details were well-conceived, from the mechanism that controls the waterfalls to the street lights. And of course, the sheer number of names is overwhelming.
  World Trade Center, nyc Water plunges thirty feet, then drops again within the center of each pool. The bronze panels are climate controlled, so they can be touched at all times of the year.

World Trade Center, nyc In the background, you can see the stainless steel panels of the future World Trade Center Museum.

Young oak trees are planted throughout the space, to soften the spare aesthetic of the memorial. Over time, they will grow to form a canopy around the pools. Simple stone benches are scattered throughout.

Tickets to visit the memorial are free to the public. You must go through airport security to enter, but once the memorial is completed, the barricades and security will be taken down.

To read more about the memorial and to reserve visitor passes, click here.

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Cesc Sales said...

Never forget. Nice remembrance.

Axelle the french reader said...

Just to say that your pictures are wonderful.
All of them. I love to watch them. Full of emotions.

biebkriebels said...

It looks very nice indeed. I like the idea of the falling water. Very impressive monument.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty. This is a place that I have to visit someday.

Banjo52 said...

Thanks for the info, Kitty. Reminds me of the Vietnam War memorial in Washington. I think that naming the lost is always a good idea. I hope this doesn't sound like an inappropriate comparison, but Donald Hall has a terrific poem titled, "Names of Horses." I find the ending chilling, tho' it's "only" a list of names.

gerry - Washington, DC said...

Nice work, very poignant composition. I hope you get the chance to return after dark and shoot the same scene with your Leica that captures such great night time shots. That would be really something to see.

Take Care

Gerry - Washington, DC

fruitandcake said...

Your photos deliver to me the real fealing of people visiting and that of the places around the spot.
I 'll make sure to visit the place once I get to NYC and see for myself what your photos are talking about...Thanks so much.