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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Watching for Rain, in Washington Square Park

Rain, Washington Sq Park Photo by myself in Washington Square Park.

A few visitors sat in Washington Park during a light rain. They snacked on what looked like fancy pastries.

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Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup le parapluie.
Je suis content, je viens de programmer mon prochain voyage à NYC, ce sera fin novembre...j'ai hate

Banjo52 said...

Shouldn't that guy be sharing his umbrella, especially with the lady, who will surely have a nightmare of a hair day? Chivalry is deader than a doornail.

More seriously, there connectedness AND lack of it make an interesting shot.

Banjo52 said...

At the risk of being pushy re: your Sunday post, here's the site for the discussion of the Donald Hall poem. Some of the comments (visitors' and mine) strike me as relevant to the new 9/11 memorial site.


Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty! I do not know exactly why, but I really like this picture!

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier!
I know what you mean. NYC is nice in the sunshine but there is something special when it rains.
Do let me know when you'll be here next. It would be great to meet again!

Hi Banjo!
Thanks for the link. I truly enjoyed the poem in all its detail. There was something about the pacing that made it very enjoyable, for some reason, and not just because I adore horses.

Thanks Washington!!

fruitandcake said...

Hi,everyone. If I didn't know the date, I'd be confused because two persons are in their summer clothes and one in winter clothes. But they are sitting together... Puzzle! Great pic!