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Friday, March 22, 2013

Atop Radio City Music Hall, in Neon

Radio City, nyc
Photo by myself, around Sixth Avenue and 50th Street, in Midtown.

The old-fashioned neon lights at Radio City Music Hall are lit every night, showing coming attractions.

This stretch of midtown is empty at night, save people strolling around. Most of the buildings are very tall and business-oriented. At street level, there are few stores or restaurants, so not much is open at this hour.

For a daytime view of this corner, click here.

As with every trip, I start feeling nostalgic about New York just before leaving. Like clockwork.

People have been envious of our upcoming trip to Las Vegas and LA. Oh, the sun, the warmer weather. In fact it snowed here again, Thursday, just to prove that it's not quite Spring yet.

Thanks to all for putting up with my spotty posts. It's been that kind of busy. Posts will continue here in the meantime.

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Andy said...

Night or day it's a grand old sign. Your photos did it justice.

s.c said...

I like this shot and still evening shots are not in our memories because it is for a short time that non professional photographers are capable to make this beautiful photo's. Earlier on they where simply not made and they still impress us. I hope you understand what I mean because I have some problems to express myself in this non native language. Still keep making them. I love to see it.

Alice said...

I like Las Vegas only for the visuals . . . my older brother loved the slots.
Los Angeles, lived there for 9 years - that was enough, still like to visit though.
Have fun, PLENTY of photo ops in both places!

Rocky Gypsy said...

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-Thank you & happy blogging!