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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Calatrava's New Station, Near Ground Zero

Calatrava, nyc
Photo by myself at Dey and Church Streets, downtown.

Closer up to the Freedom Tower, is the delicate white spines of the new transpiration hub by Santiago Calatrava.

The new 4-billion dollar station will soon open, serving as the Path Station for commuters from New Jersey. The project is about two months behind schedule and 2-billion dollars over budget (!) The structure has been criticized heavily by the press.

The space below the sculpture is not open to the public yet.

By the way, La Guardia airport is scheduled to completely rebuilt soon, with some of its airstrips lengthened. (Completely means being demolished to the ground). The cost of that renovation? Also 4-billion dollars. Hm.

Calatrava, nyc
A few steps away, you can get a better sense of the overall shape.

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biebkriebels said...

With Calatrava there is always "trouble in the house" but he makes spectacular buildings and bridges. But the costs are incredible!

s.c said...

Welcome to the world of broken Calatrava principals. But despite this now well known reality the guy makes fantastic designs. Only to get it through al the parties that must gives the okay for the start halves the budget. It has not so much to do with calculating as well with politics. Nobody want to hear the real cost in front.

RedPat said...

Looks fabulous! I love his work but now nothing of the politics involved.

Kitty said...

Bieb, you have learned so much about architecture from your husband! a mixed blessing! :-)

I agree, no one likes to talk about money. The structure was very eye catching from a distance, and I can see that appeal, but to me, overrated.

Hi RedPat
You'd be surprised how quick it can be to design these things and how much time all the other stuff takes, like the politics. Sadly, they don't teach you that in school.

Jon said...

It's not only money. In Spain we suffer his beautiful creations. Valencia's science center, which is falling to pieces and awfully expensive to mantain. My hometown Airport. Leaks everywhere and arrivals waiting room in open air where there are rough winters. Beautiful slipery bridges... And worse of all. He has a permanent right on his "work of art" which allows him to sum revenue on solving his design problems. Sorry New Yorkers. You chose wrong this time.

Kitty said...

Jon, I'm sorry to hear this. That is terrible.
Architects and engineers are by trade supposed to be practical. As a rule, practicality and real life should come before aesthetics.

Jon said...

Well Kitty, for sure you Calatrava is not one of those practical arquitects.