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Friday, June 18, 2010

On Skateboard Graphics and Subways in Mid-Air

Skateboarder, NYC
Photo by myself in Union Square.

A mesmerizing graphic on a skateboarder's jeans jacket, in Union Square.


I breezed by the Times last night and spotted an article worth mentioning: a Subway sandwich shop just opened in the Freedom Tower, downtown.

Yes, as the towers are going up the World Trade Center site, so is a Subway sandwich shop. Right now the trailer is on the 27th floor, in the midst of girders and metal walkways. As construction moves skyward, the sandwich shop will, too.

It makes perfect sense to bring food up to the construction workers, rather than having the guys wait in line to get to ground level. Also, the Subway menu won't be limited to foot-long sandwiches; they may add lasagna, hot dogs and pizza.

For the article and photographs in the Times, click here.

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Lozzie Cap said...

Has that skateboarder got a broken wrist ..? I knew one woman, the mother of a skateboarder, who said they had their own designated parking space outside the local hospital's Emergency Room ..

Kitty said...

ha Lozzie, I didn't notice that.

They are such daredevils, I can see the truth in that story

Cesc said...

Beautiful pictures, really!

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

The traveling Subway shop is yet another example of how NYC figures out ways to get stuff to people--and to create commercial opportunities everywhere. I like that.

Anonymous said...

This could have been me about two decades ago when hair was still long; yet it was the left hand I broke while returning to the ground.
Nice to read the article. Thank you for sharing. Please have a great start into the weekend.

daily athens

elsiee said...

I love this post - you've captured new york's energy and spirit from the ground to the top of the world!