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Saturday, July 10, 2010

At the Carousel, in Central Park

Carousel in Central Park
Photo at the carousel in Central Park, around 65th Street.

Yes, there is a carousel, zoo and lake, all within Central Park. There are actually many bodies of water, since what would a park be without water?

The park has soccer fields, baseball fields, an outdoor theater, a turtle pond, horse trails and formal gardens. There are 58 miles of pathways and trails. You can while away an entire day by wandering around the 863 acres, right in the middle of Manhattan.

For maps and more information about the park, click here for the official Central Park website.

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Anonymous said...

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Nori said...

Lovely picture!
and I like to say
"Boy, I'll buy your ticket!"

lewi14 said...

It's really a wonderful shot. Great. I agree with Nori.

JamieDedes said...

I love Carousels! When I saw you posted on the one in Central Park, I had to add mention to your guest post. Lovely picture, as always.

Thanks for putting me in your blog roll.

Happy days . . . .