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Friday, July 8, 2011

Checking it out, on Leroy Street

On Leroy Street, NYC
Photo by myself on Leroy and Bleecker Streets, in the West Village.

A few visitors seemed overwhelmed with the choices in postcards, the other day.


By the way, we're having a sort of heat wave here. It's been hot and very humid, in the mid-80's. Down below in the subway stations, it's been much more unbearable than usual.

When you are standing outside, all you can hear is the whirr of air conditioning. Eek.

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Nori said...

Heat weather!...We may not be able to use electric power enough this summer. You know, because of influence by the incident of nuclear power reactor at Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

it's true: in New York you can get more postcards than anywhere else in the world. In Paris, Vancouver or Sydney there is a lot to see and to do, but the postcards of New York are truely an overwhelming experience.