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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Glimpse of the Naked Cowboy, in Times Square

Naked Cowboy, Times Square
Photo by myself in Times Square.

A fellow dressed as the Naked Cowboy performed for crowds in Times Square.

I posted photos of the cowboy earlier, here, and he was much, much more muscular (!).

Like any good capitalist, whoever the real Naked Cowboy is, must rent out his name and likeness. He's probably lounging along the Riveria while his clones work the streets.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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biebkriebels said...

This is not the real one, you're right he has no muscles. It must be attractive for the ladies he, not just a naked white man...

Olivier said...

et oui la star de Times Square, avec quelque fois la Naked Cow Girl mais malheureusement trop rarement

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Yeah I agree, it's definitely not the same guy, perhaps he is too busy working on his political ambitions - wasn't he going to run for mayor or something at one point?

Stay safe in Brooklyn Kitty, the news about the high number of attacks that have been occurring has me on edge for the women in the area. I hope they catch the responsible parties soon!!

Kitty said...

ha Bieb.
I hope the impostor does not read this post!

Hi Olivier!
I haven't seen the Naked Cowgirl, though I've heard of her. That would be a great catch.

Thanks Fish :-)
The attacks are quite close to where I live in Park Slope, and I've been extra careful. Another one just occurred this week.

It is quite scary. Some of the attacks have been as early as 8pm. The streets are dark and quiet here.

Anonymous said...

The orginal naked cowboy built an empire called Naked Cowboy Enterprises. He manages the franchises for anyone who wants to be a naked cowboy or cowgirl. And just so you know, he's an ordained minister and performs weddings in Times Square starting at $499.00.