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Friday, September 9, 2011

Near the World Trade Center, Downtown

WTC worker
Photo by myself near the World Trade Center, at Washington and Albany Streets.

One of the workers at the World Trade Center took a break, Thursday morning.

Tons of people work in the World Financial Center, a group of towers near the World Trade Center site. As a result, the sidewalks are very crowded, especially during rush hour. The site itself is walled off and under construction.

In the last few days, there have been more reflections on 9/11 in the media. The ten-year anniversary is upon us. This year, the date falls on a Sunday.

In the past, the names of all the victims have been read aloud in a ceremony held at the site. It is a very long list.

WTC progress
The glass towers to the right are part of the new World Trade Center. The beige towers to the left are part of the World Financial Center.


By the way, the Times has an incredible slideshow of photographs showing the construction, life and end of the original World Trade Towers, online. Click here to see the slideshow.

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Luis Gomez said...

Nice post Kitty!

Olivier said...

Dimanche sera un jour avec beaucoup d'emotion. Mon ami Jack Saban (survivant des attentats) sera sur place, il est invite par les pompiers de NYC.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

The 9/11 anniversary is getting lots of attention here in Chicago too, Kitty. Thanks for the thoughtful post--and for the link to the amazing Times slideshow.

Marcia said...

The 9/11 Museum across from the site is totally awesome and if you walk down the street next to the fire station there is a very wonderful bronze mural.

Nori said...

very impressive pics!

Leif Hagen said...

The rebuilding is an amazing testament to the will and strength of the American people even after such a horrific event as 9/11!