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Friday, June 8, 2012

On Crossing the Street and the Ban on Sugary Drinks

Crossing, nyc Photo by myself, in Midtown.

A quick photo from the back of a cab, somewhere in Midtown.

My cab rounded the corner quickly, and I snapped a photo of a fellow was crossing the crosswalk. He had a worried look. The woman behind him looked like every other person on the street, that is, glued to her phone.

One of the many, many Starbucks locations lurked in the background

By the way, you might have heard about Mayor Bloomberg's plan to ban sugary soft drinks from places like restaurants and movie theaters?

I wouldn't say that people are outraged or that they spend all day talking about it around the lunch table. But I would say that the subject has been making an impression on the local news.

Many people feel that banning large servings (over 16 ounces) of sugary drinks will help, but many also feel that if you want to drink that much, you can drink two 8 ounce servings.

The Mayor's plan intends to help reduce high rates of obesity. For an article about Mayor Bloomberg's proposed plan against sugary drinks, click here.

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Pedro Paz said...

Very nice Work

Cheers from Portugal

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Thank you

Banjo52 said...

Mr. Mayor, what about a 22-oz. Guinness?

Kitty, this guy strikes me as someone who might offer a more interesting conversation than the June 9 guy. Obviously that's a superficial impression and both make compelling subjects for a photo, but the English major in me wants a 10-page biography on each. OK, OK, I'd settle for 4 pages.