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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On Napping in Bryant Park and Parking in Brooklyn

napping, nyc Photo by myself, in Bryant Park.

A shoeless fellow napped while witting on a cafe chair, in Bryant Park. It must have been perfect napping weather.

This photo is from the stash. Bryant Park is the ideal place to nap, under the cover of tall trees. In the background is the carousel, which runs pretty much all year.

Yes, I'm back in New York. I arrived very, very late last night.

One of my first tasks was to wake up early this morning to move the car. Oy. Mark traded our Mini Cooper, Clive, in for a car that I can actually drive. That means I must share in the parking duties.

New York conducts street cleaning, which means a zamboni-like thing crawls along the streets with big brushes to move debris, which means that every few days, you must move your car.

In Manhattan, each side of the street gets cleaned twice a week. In Brooklyn, only once a week. So your car cannot be parked along certain sides of the street on certain days, else you get a ticket. Often, people leave their cars on the street and get tickets because it's cheaper than putting the car in the garage.

Before going to LA, I parked the car on a Tuesday side. That meant finding another spot before 8:30 am today. I stumbled out with very little sleep to find a parking space. Dangerous. Excruciating. But I somehow found a spot, and managed to park without damaging anything.

Only on certain holidays or during heavy snowfall, is this practice suspended. I'm sure there were more than a few Seinfeld episodes about parking? I remember either George or Jerry sitting in a car, ranting. That's exactly what it's like.

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Olivier said...

Hummm que j'aimerais faire une sieste dans le Bryant Park ;) bien vu la photo

Amish Stories said...

I hope that no one took his shoes, that would be cold! Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa

James Wei said...

Great to see this

A shot that reflects the social fabric of this community

Marcia said...

Living in the burbs we can park on the street anytime, except when there's a snowstorm. I can tell the sound of the snow plow when its coming so I'm out there with my shovel ready to clear the driveway. My neighbor however parked her car in the street and they plowed her in. The car was surrounded by a barrier of snow, then she tried to move her compact car over the drift - half was still in it's bunker while the other half was on the cleaned street - she cursed the city out.

I've always wondered about NYC garages are they pricey to rent?

Marcia said...
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fruitandcakes said...

Great photo. Is there where fashion shows are held?