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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sailing Above the Sand, on Venice Beach

Skate park, Venice Beach Photo by myself at the skate park, on Venice Beach.

A large skate board park on Venice Beach, invites skate boarders to practice and perform. Not in view are the railings that surround the large park, protecting the audience from accidents.

There are several different swooping areas to skate here, with varying degrees of difficulty. The most acrobatic skate boarders sailed through the air, doing twisty tricks. It was mildly hypnotic to watch.

Venice Beach is just a short walk south from Santa Monica. It was brightly sunny (as it is most days) but the sea breezes make it very comfortable.

Skate park, Venice Beach

My family and I walked along Venice Beach the other day, along with hundreds of others. There were food carts outside and artists selling their work.

I'll be flying back to New York today.

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Olivier said...

superbe tes photos, et belle ombre sur la premiere