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Monday, November 25, 2013

Kebab Cart, in Midtown

Kebabs, nyc
Photo by myself, somewhere in Midtown.

A street cart vendor added charcoal to his continuous fire, Friday night, causing a moment of excess smoke. The sidewalks were crowded, and it was just warm enough to walk around comfortably with a light jacket.

This cart sells pretzels, kebabs, hotdogs and drinks. The meats are 'halal', which means they can be eaten by Muslims. There is no shortage of quick on-the-go food in our fair city.

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Rose ~ from Oz said...

Fascinating Kitty, that's the first time I've even given thought to how these iconic food carts power their food cooking! Charcoal!

Olivier said...

les pretzels dans les Fast Food Cart j'adore ca

Lily Hydrangea said...

You've captured the atmosphere beautifully Kitty!
& a very Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

Ken Mac said...

the comforts of steam

Bill Wellham said...

Hi there. I've just found your blog. I'm loving the great street scenes. A great way to dip into NYC real life.