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Sunday, September 9, 2007

One Dollar, One Dollar

Chinatown lanterns
I've been inspired by daily photo blogs, such as Joe's NYC, and Paris Daily Photo, which document New York and Paris everyday. I'm not sure how they manage to do it, but both these sites are beautiful. I highly recommend for the variety of images and the neighborhoods represented.

Today I wandered briefly into Chinatown. 'Canal Street' is synonymous with Chinatown, but the neighborhood is actually pretty huge. It extends South of Canal a few blocks, and many blocks to the east, toward the Manhattan bridge.

Most New Yorkers avoid the area because it's crowded and grimy. When I think of Chinatown, I imagine miles and miles of people shuffling along very slowly, and at the head of the line, someone deciding between a bad t-shirt and another bad t-shirt.

There are tons of stalls filled with (mostly cheap) stuff, including purses, perfumes, jewelry and watches. You can get a fake Kate Spade at one stall and a fake Rolex next door.

(Tip: For some rather good Spade knock-offs, there's a little hole in the wall on Mott Street, close to Bowery, on the west side of the street. Mostly the signature black handbags, but a few colorful ones, too).

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Mom Knows Everything said...

You won another award! Come over and get it.

The last time I was in Vancouver I went to Chinatown. I love all the neat things you can buy there.

Kitty said...

lol, Tammy!
I can't keep up with you!

Eric said...

Hey Kitty,

Thank you for your reference to PDP and the City Daily pHoto bloggers community ;)

I actually have fond memories of Canal street and... the watch I'm wearing now and that I love comes from there !!

Kitty said...

welcome, Eric!
I am surprised the watch still works. How funny.
Best to you,