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About our puppy, Rupert

It's high time that Rupert had his own page.

Every single time Mark and I walk down the sidewalk, we are greeted with smiles and interested looks....directed down at our feet.

Rupert is a whopping 4 years old. He enjoys chicken treats, his little footie ball, playing fetch (over and over), swimming in the hot months and just hanging out. He can be a little shy when meeting people and is extremely polite with other dogs, though he does enjoy a good romp!

Rupert is a Boston Terrier. Mark and I highly recommend this breed of dog, which is scrappy and fun. This breed does not like extremes in temperature and must stay well hydrated in the summer.

First Post Ever
First Day Home
Second Day Home
First Week Home
At Three Months
At Five Months
At Six Months
Sleeping In
Seven Months Old
In Trouble
At Ten Months
At One Year Old
In the Car
Happy Halloween!
Where's Dinner?
All Geared Up
With His Buddy, The Cat
As a Potato Sack
In the Snow
Pooped and Panting
Cooling Off in the Pond
Gone Swimmin'
All Smiles
Meet 'n Greet
After Playing
In Chinatown and a Rupert Update
Back Home to the Brooklyn Bridge and a Boston Terrier
Taking a Dip, at Prospect Park Pond
The Spray of Summer, in Park Slope, Brooklyn
Boston Terriers Gone Mad, at the Mad Dog Run
A Bit of Nature, in New York
Early Snowfall, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Back to Work, Downtown, and the Leica DLux 5
On Hipsters and Rupert, Downtown
Saturday Morning, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
A Rupert Update, from Prospect Park, Brooklyn
On Gotham City and a Rupert Update
On NYC Slogans and a Rupert Update
The Morning Mist in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Rupert's Fan Club

First Video
Second Video
Third Video
Fourth Video
Fifth Video



dianasfaria.com said...

I love this...what could be sweeter?

Kitty said...

Thank you, Lily!