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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Realm of Possibilities

This trip has reawakened an idea I've had for a while but I'd forgotten about.

Paris is beautiful. Each building is adorned with tiny Juliet balconies and lead-coated copper roofs dotted with skylights and turrets. Colorful carved doorways are surrounded with decorative reliefs, columns or archways. And then there are lanterns, paving stones, porcelain street numbers, wooden shutters and flowerboxes.

Simply walking down the street is an aesthetic experience. After these days of being outside my routine, I came to remember that just about anything can be an aesthetic experience. The simple act of pouring a coffee, or setting the table, or walking to work can be aesthetic, depending on how you do it, or how you look at it. Everything has the potential to be mundane or special.

It takes energy and initiative to view things differently, especially when you're overwhelmed or depleted. On the other hand, experiencing beauty is envigorating.

I've decided to carry my camera around with me when I get back home. Walking around parts of New York can be as beautiful as walking around Paris. It just depends on whether you're looking.

Photo by myself, taken today at the Cligancourt flea markets. More images to come.


Mom Knows Everything said...

Is that a piece of art? It's really cool. You take amazing pictures. You should definitely put more of your own work on your blog. Can't wait to see more pictures of your vacation. Wish I was there, Tammy!

Kitty said...

thanks so much, Tammy!
We went to this amazing flea market yesterday which had a huge antiques section. One stall had gorgeous old woodcut letters, some assembled into beautiful wood display boxes. Unfortunately, they were extremely expensive, or I would have brought them home.
Nice seeing you, as always!

lisa q. said...

absolutely fabulous photographs! i love them all! :P

Spandrel Studios said...

It is amazing how inspiring Paris can be and you've articulated it so well. It is the perfect place to catapult out of a visual funk since there's detail and beauty everywhere you turn.

There's something about visiting that city and experiencing that particular kind of beauty that can forever change the way you think and observe the world around you.