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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trees Do Grow in Brooklyn

I first encountered New York in elementary school. At some point, probably through the school librarian, I heard about the book 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'.

I knew the book had something to do with a city, where trees were scarce enough to warrant a book title. I also knew the book was about someone growing up with a tree as a symbol of hope. But that's about it. I was busy enough reading other books, like the Narnia series, to read about some place called Brooklyn.

Now I live in Brooklyn, and the tree-lined streets make the book title seem out of place. The maples and oaks outside my bedroom window are turning red, signalling autumn. To me, they are less symbols of hope than nostalgia - time is passing, it's nearly fall, and winter will be soon be here. Time is speeding by much too quickly, and all I can do is reach out and appreciate tiny moments.

Photo by myself, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Mom Knows Everything said...

That was very beautifully written.

When ever I think of New York, think of the tv show Sex and the City. I know, really silly, but it's not the the characters, but the stores and the streets in the show that I think of. I don't know if I ever saw a tree in the show other than in a park. Your photo of the tree makes me think that I really shouldn't be thinking of the city and the show together.

Wow, look you made me think. LOL


Unknown said...

I love trees. I'm always photographing them and my bofyriend makes fun of me, but I just think they're beautiful! =) Also, thanks for listing me in your blog roll! One quick thing, the title is: Encounters with Strangers--I know it's confusing because my address is cityencounters.blogspot. Thanks!

Kitty said...

hey tammy!
Thanks for your kind words.
Yes, I should post more pictures of the Village, the Upper West Side and Brooklyn. There are lovely parts to New York, really lovely parts.

Hey Nubia!
I corrected the name of your blog. Thanks for letting me know.
Good to meet another tree-lover!

Carolyn said...

Great Pic. I just read 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' this year. I is now one of my favorite books of all times.