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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Mawl

George Washington Bridge
Photo by myself of the George Washington Bridge.


I should have had my camera with me today. Mark and I drove out to Long Island to visit his mother and do a little shopping. Yes, we went to 'Long Island' (Lawng G-eye-land) to 'the mawl'.

Everyone makes fun of Long Island. It's hard to resist mocking the accent. Not everyone there has one (Mark grew up there and doesn't have a trace of it), but those who do are worthy targets. The stereotypical women bleach their hair and wear it BIG, sport lots of big jewelry, and drive big fancy cars.

We didn't run into any of those Long Island ladies. Oh well. Fortunately, we arrived at the mawl early enough to get a parking space and got out before encountering the crowd. It was a guerilla shopping mission that could've gone much better if my phone were working.

Anyhow, the drive there was beautiful - twisty-turny roads, charming houses and lots of trees turning orange. We drove through Cold Spring Harbor, for lunch, which was gorgeous. A whole bunch of non-big haired people were standing on the sidewalks of an adorable old town. Almost everyone had a dog on a leash, and most of the dogs were dressed in Halloween costumes. It was a missed photo-op. Drat!


Mom Knows Everything said...

What did ya buy at the mawl? LOL
Hope you're having a good week!

Kitty said...

We got Mark a superdeluxe espresso machine. And I got a top.

I'm in sad shape for clothing these days. I need a makeover! lol

nice seeing you, Tammy!

Columbia said...

I'd be curious to know what Mark's feeling are towards LI. I too grew up there (near brookhaven) and don't have the accent too much (except the slight "Awww" in tawk/dawg/cawfee/etc) but my love for the island is mixed. I love to visit family and go to the nature preserves. But if I had to drive on the LIE everyday I'd go crazy.

Kitty said...

hey columbia
when we drive through the scenic roads in LI, Mark has nothing but good stuff to say. He has fond memories of riding his bike everywhere, and feels it was a great place to grow up.

He talks about coming into the city all the time, especially when he was in high school. It's great because he knows all the roads.

Personally, I'd have a hard time living in the city near where I grew up. He lived near Syosset, which is more central.

Mark hates the LIE, too! but I think he hates the BQE more. It has potholes the size of his car!

good seeing you!

Mike said...

Hello from Long Island! I grew up in Brooklyn so I have both accents really. Nobody understood me when I talked out here when I moved from the city.

Most people on Long Island moved here from NYC in the '80s. It is a very safe place to live.

Long Island is really nice out east. I have my picture of Montauk Point on my blog.

Kitty said...

hey Mike!

I like your Montauk pictures. The drive out there is so nice. I'm always impressed by the beautiful houses and how so many of them are being bought and sold. It's nuts!