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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I took a cab home tonight. We stopped at a light on Flatbush Avenue, near Fort Greene.

It was a busy intersection. While we idled, I looked across to the sidewalk, where some teenagers were hanging out. One kid sat on hydrant, another stood in the doorway of a deli. Then, out of nowhere, was a loud THWACK.

I looked over and the woman in the car next to me sat in shock. One of the kids had thrown a crumpled beer can. It landed on the hood of her car and lay quietly against one of the windshield wipers. No damage, but the shock of it was threatening enough.

It's very safe in the city these days. Frankly, I'm more scared of the suburbs (Joey what's-his-name, the Grubner woman, kids stockpiling weapons in their basements).

Before I could think too much about all the above, the light changed. We were off.

Photo by myself, somewhere in Brooklyn.


Mom Knows Everything said...

When I think of New York I think of high crime. It would probably scare me to death if I ever went there.

Kitty said...

It's so safe here!!!!
These days it feels more like a big mall than a city. I'm on my guard at night but I never feel unsafe. Of course, things do happen.
nice seeing you Tammy, as always