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Monday, March 31, 2008

Two New Yorkers, Now Playing on Sundance

Soho Police Station
Photo by myself in Nolita, at Cleveland Place and Grand Street.

This neo-Baroque police station was renovated into a condominium building for the rich and famous. A few models and other well-known celebs are rumored to live here, but I've never seen anyone enter or leave the building.

For more about the Police Station, click here.


This afternoon I walked around Soho and the Lower East Side.

It was cold again and sunny. I'm slowly getting used to the buttons and dials on this camera, but right now I prefer my point-and-shoot, lol.

Speaking of creative pursuits, I can't say enough good things about the Sundance Channel. Lately I've been addicted to their Iconoclasts series, where two well-known people of different disciplines are paired. They essentially interview each other.

The other day I watched Quentin Tarentino and Fiona Apple. It was pretty incredible to listen to these two artists agree with each other about how neither of them can not do what they do, or do what they do poorly.

Today I saw another episode that I felt was even better. Isabella Rossellini is paired with Dean Kamen, an inventor. The segment is airing again this Wednesday night at midnight.

Rossellini is known for her extensive acting and modeling career. She also happens to train seeing eye dogs in her spare time and campaigns for animal conservation. Both Rossellini and Kamen are New Yorkers - Isabella seems to live on the Upper West Side, and is shown walking her dog in Central Park. Kamen grew up in Rockville Center, a small town in upstate New York.

Dean Kamen sounds pretty amazing. He has many medical inventions to his credit, including incredible wheelchairs that essentially walk people down stairs.

He invented the Segue, those big-wheeled vehicles you drive by leaning one way or the next. He's also invented devices aimed at saving the planet - one that produces electricity from cow dung, and one that extracts potable water from polluted water.

If you have a chance, do catch the show and hear him speak. You'll be inspired.

Here's the preview for the episode:


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo! I love city photos, buildings, people, the life in it. Thanks for sharing.

Olivier said...

cela doit faire de superbes appartements (surement très cher) surtout dans un des plus beaux quartiers de NYC.

It must be beautiful apartments (but probably very expensive), especially in one of the most beautiful areas of NYC.

Carolyn said...

Another great photo!

I like the Sundance Channel too. I like "The Green" Shows.

Spandrel Studios said...

Your photo really captures that feeling of looking down a street and being able to see magnificent buildings forever -- only in New York!

That Iconoclasts clip is fantastic! What a great idea, to pair up these talented people in this way. I am DVR'ing it as I write!

Kitty said...

Hi itswhatyousee
thanks so much! There's certainly a lot going on in that area, lol.

Hi Olivier
You're correct, the apartments are super expensive. I cannot imagine what they cost.
The windows are giant. I peek in but never see anyone The owners are probably jet setting around. Why would they be home?

Thanks Barber Bunch!
I'll have to catch their Green programs. I'm a newcomer to Sundance and tv in general.

Hi Spandrel
Yes, you can see the Municipal Building near the Manhattan Bridge further down the street.
So glad you'll see the show. I'd love to know what you think!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Very impressive building and looks very chic!

Ming the Merciless said...

My cheap/inexpensive $15.04 per month cable doesn't carry Sundance Channel. Iconoclasts sounds like a great show.

I love my point-and-shoot. That is one reason I hesitate in getting a (larger) DSR. I don't think my photography will be as spontaneous as it is now if I had to lug a large camera around everywhere I go.

It's a trade off, I guess because I've seen some wonderful work from DSRs.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Hi Kitty! It's snowing and miserable here and Aidan is sick on top of it. Ughhh...a not-so-good start to the week.

Kitty said...

Hi Sonia
Next time I'll have to get a closer shot. It's an over-the-top building, beautifully detailed. I bet the exterior walls are 18 inches thick.

Hi Ming
well, with your cheap cable you probably have more brain cells than the rest of us. It's smart not to get all the channels.

Your comment about cameras brings some thoughts to mind that I'll have to address soon!

Hi Tammy
I can't believe it's snowing up there.
Sorry poor Aidan is sick. Poor kid and Mom.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks for the tip Kitty, this sounds like a great show, I shall have to add it to my DVR :-)

Nikon said...

Beautiful photo, I've never been to that neighborhood.
When I had satellite TV I got a lot of channels for very little money. (I lived on TCM & IFC.)