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Friday, March 7, 2008

Reflections Apres Happy Hour

Coffee Shop
Photo by myself in front of Coffee Shop in Union Square, a popular restaurant/bar. I am entranced by the neon sign and have been trying to take a semi-decent photo of it for months.

It's a small traffic nightmare there with sidewalk, bike lane, cobblestone street and open market square alongside one another. The boundaries are blurry, and it's a wonder there aren't more accidents.


I had drinks out with a work friend tonight in honor of my new job. We were toasting it up and she was telling me about her single life.

It's funny how easily people fall into cliches. As the attached person I wanted her to find her good guy. I was expected to provide answers (I couldn't). And I listened to her romantic adventures with firemen with unabashed awe.

At the end of the night, we parted ways. 'Do you need to get to the L? Are you okay?'

I said, 'I know you think that Brooklyn is just one enormous mass. That's okay, haha,' and gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye.

Meaning that there's more than one train that goes to Brooklyn, and it's easy for Manhattanites to be oblivious. The L train is known for its Bedford Avenue stop in Williamsburg, the first stop outside of Manhattan. Williamsburg has been the hip-ish area of the last few years. I don't live anywhere near there.

The story ends with me, getting out at my station and seeing four policemen cuffing two lanky guys. Great. There were police cars parked to the side, their lights swirling.

There was something poetic about hearing my friend's romantic entanglements with New York's 'Bravest' (the FDNY) and then finding New York's 'Finest' (the NYPD) at my doorstep. Does that make me feel safer?

Hm. Not exactly.


Jim Klenke said...

I like the neon.

Kitty said...

Welcome, Jim and thanks

Always great to meet other Daily City Bloggers!

BrianC said...

And you were concerned about taking photos of neon . . . and you did a nice job. Picked the perfect time too - twilight. I've walked by this place a million times and never been in. And you're right about this section of the street . . . amorphously defined boundaries. One day we'll see on the news that a cab has plowed through the green market.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh a nice full circle story - I do like those.

I don't seem to have many single friends left to enthrall me with their dating stories. Shame really as I always enjoy them.

Have a lovely weekend Kitty.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Love the photo, but sooooo hate that bar. The staff can be so rude in there. Funnily enough many years ago one of my friends was engaged to one of the models who owns/owned it. They were high school sweethearts :-)

Have a lovely weekend Kitty.

Mo said...

Nice shot, love the neon! Have fun with that new camera. Have a great weekend.

Kitty said...

Brian, it's worth going inside.
The front bar is very cool, goes on forever and winds back on itself. Then there's a room downstairs that's relatively new and modern, with a large gas fireplace.

I agree with Fish that the folks inside have attitude...but I am a sucker for a good looking bar.

Hey RB
It's funny, I was the single one for so long, I never thought I'd be on this side. It's quite an odd feeling sometimes. Have a great weekend!!

Have a good weekend, Fish! Yeah, that place typifies the kind of New York I'm not into, the rather pretentious and people-watching part.

Hi Mo
Thanks dear! Eventually, I will get it! hooray!